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Re: Re:Clear Channel cuts do include on air positions

> And I think that would probably be a good
> thing...it's not like many of 
> these are doing anything special....or are they?

The only one that is running anything that is kind of
different is WGUY's Smooth Jazz.  But, the primary
reason for that is because they want to maintain the
license in the cheapest way possible.  

CC's Voice of Maine network is kind of nice, too.  If
I frequency hop I can listen from a little above
Portland almost all the way to Houlton(AKA: The end of
the I 95)

WKIT, as Dan said, is owned by Stephen King and is
definately not cookie cutter.  There's a definate
twist on the format and they are live 24/7.

Magic 104
North Conway, NH

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