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Reply from WICN

This is the reply I received from Brian Barlow, General Manager of WICN:

>Thank you, Larry, for your concern.  You are correct that WICN has an audio
>problem.  Part of our transmitter failed over a week ago requiring the use
>of a backup exciter.  The back up works but the sound quality is very
>marginal.  We hope to have it replaced in 7-10 days and then sound as good
>as always.  Please bear with us. (I wish we could afford a high quality
>back-up but it would be over 10K...not in our budget!)
>I'm with you on compression.  WICN does not use any in it's normal broadcast
>and we are not using any now.  We strive to have the finest signal on the
>air and hope listeners appreciate it. I know you will again...soon!
>Thanks, again and...Stay Tuned!

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH