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Re: Townsend

On Tue, 14 Jan 2003 13:54:56 -0500 "Mark Laurence"
<mlaurence@mindspring.com> writes:
> On 14 Jan 2003 at 12:00, Dave Faneuf wrote:
> > I'm certainly no expert, but do you mean that if someone 
> legitimately
> > wants to write a book on the internet child porn industry they 
> would
> > face charges if they went on line to  research the topic? df
> Yes.  It happened to an NPR freelance reporter in Maryland in 1998, 
> and he ended up pleading guilty after a judge refused to allow him a 
> First Amendment defense.  
> Mark

So, to take this the next step would a reporter/writer face similar
charges if they wanted to do a piece on how a terrorist cell works and
did research on various websites that might put forward beliefs that the
Administration might consider treasonous or terrorist in nature?