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Re: WWFX Southbridge format change

This flip is following a recent trend with Citadel, the owner of WWFX. 
 The new format seems to be modeled after XL102.3 in New London, CT 
(forget the calls at the moment) and WKKB on 100.3 now serving the New 
Bedford market.  It's a gold-leaning mainstream rock presentation which 
also includes "compatible" currents and 90's rock.  The other stations 
sound this way, so I would expect the Fox to use the same blueprint. 
This allows Citadel to have one "brain trust" at corporate putting 
together all the clocks, music, promotions and such.  Then,the local 
"PD's" will implement the format. I wouldn't be suprised if this 
adjustment also pops up on the "Shark" simulcast in the Portsmouth market.  

Paul Anderson wrote:

> There's an article in Tuesday's Worcester Telegram & Gazette about a 
> format change at WWFX Southbridge.  Their classic rock format has 
> given way to what they're calling AOR (haven't heard that acronym for 
> a few years)!  They sensed there was too much classic rock on the air 
> (WROR Framingham's recent switch was probably the last straw).
> I guess since WAAF is rimshotting Boston, WWFX can rimshot Worcester.  
> They're now saying "Proud to be Worcester's Rock Station" and have 
> dropped the syndicated Bob and Tom show in morning drive for local 
> programming.  They are hoping all-local programming and a "broader 
> musical menu" keeps people listening.
> The article is at the not-for-free Telegram & Gazette web site 
> <http://www.telegram.com> in the entertainment section.
> Paul