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WJUL Low Audio (was: Fwd: Re: Lowell Spinners' radio broadcasts)

> No, it was "regular" programming....note "regular" in quotes ;-)
> df

I've put a call to them to see what's up. We'd just visited "the
roof" and the xmtr facility when we were there for the tour on the
day of the reunion.  It's certainly all state of the art.  I had
noticed that the average modulation (or peaks, for that matter) were
not where they needed to be.  I know that audio processing is about
as subjective as it gets, but even a station serving up a wide range
of genres and audio sources needs to be keeping listeners from
adjusting audio levels.  Low processing on a school station is a
problem with operator error.  (I've witnessed "pros" who don't know
the first thing about proper board levels either!)

Bill O'Neill