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RE: Re:RE: Cellphones while driving - article in Boston Herald

The same principal is true in NH!

There are 13 Cities in NH, of which the Town of Derry is larger in
population than all but 3 (Manchester, Nashua and Concord).

The towns of Derry and Salem each have a larger population than the cities
of Portsmouth, Keene, Laconia and many others

The smallest city in NH is Franklin, with only about 5000 population.

And to complicate it even more, some towns have DIFFERENT forms of
government for municipal and school operations.

Derry has "council" form of municipal government (basically a city without a
mayor, but under NH law an allowed "Town" form of gov't) and a "Town
Meeting" form of government for the School District.


I also understand that once you get away from New Eng/NY/NJ....the idea of a
"Town (or Township)" really does not exist, and that if a municipality is
NOT a city, then the various "towns" are really "unincorporated places" that
are simply part of County government, that County government performs the
functions we here in New England would expect a town to perform.

Paul Hopfgarten
Municipal...(Town) Elected Official
East Derry NH 03041

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> > While you might still have a 'town meeting' in Brookline...I thought it
> > was population that actually deined town/city verbiage.  Is
> there a purist
> > in the house?
> No, in Massachusetts at least, it's the form of government.
> Boston was the "Town of
> Boston" with a town meeting until it adopted a city form of
> government in 1820-something.
> Framingham, which is even larger than Brookline, is a town, with
> a town meeting, while
> Newburyport, which is much smaller, is a city because it has a
> city form of government.
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