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Fwd: Re:RE: Cellphones while driving - article in Boston Herald

 No no...Methuen is definitely a city.  It gets the LARGE PRINT treatment
in the Globe when they publish MCAS scores, election results, etc.
As mentioned earlier, Sharon Pollard is a MAYOR, we have a city council,
so except for losing sports teams and an indecipherable mayor, we're 
just like Boston.

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On 4 Dec 2002 at 3:13, Dave Faneuf wrote:

> Actually the City of Brookline tried to ban cellphone use in moving motor
> vehicles 

No such thing as the "City of Brookline."  It's the Town of Brookline.  And we really are a 
town, too.  Some "towns" still call themselves towns even though they've adopted a city form 
of government (Watertown, Methuen, Weymouth, Greenfield ...).  But we still have a town 

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