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Re: Re:RE: Cellphones while driving - article in Boston Herald

> A. Joseph Ross wrote:
> >No such thing as the "City of Brookline."  It's the Town of
> >Brookline.  And we really are a town, too.  Some "towns" still call
> >themselves towns even though they've adopted a city form
> >of government (Watertown, Methuen, Weymouth, Greenfield ...).  But we
> >still have a town meeting.

Yeah, Methuen *is* a "city"...the name of the city is:  "Town of Methuen".

Which leads to lots of awkward and excessive verbiage.

The town seal and letterhead at one time was: "The City known as the Town of

(The present mayor is putting a stop to all this fooloish posturing.)

While you might still have a 'town meeting' in Brookline...I thought it was
population that actually deined town/city verbiage.  Is there a purist in
the house?