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WMPX to shift from PAX to FOX

According to an article that appeared in yesterday's (Tues.Dec 3) Bangor
Daily News, the new owners of WMPX TV (UHF Chan.23)
Waterville, ME have signed a long-term agreement to begin airing FOX

WMPX would then shift from its' present PAX affiliation to FOX sometime
early in 2003. This is subject, of course, to approval by the FCC for
the new owners, Corporate Media Consultants Group of Toledo Ohio, to buy

This looks good for Portland/Augusta area off-air and cable viewers, but
for the rest of us in Northern  and Down-East Maine, we will still have
to rely on the FOX National Feed on cable, unless Adelphia decides to
try to get off-air reception of WMPX, like they do with WB-51 WPXT

You can see the entire article on the Bangor Daily News WebSite 
and look under business news for 12/03/2002.

Rod O'Connor
Southwest Harbor, Maine