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RE: How much for 30 mins on WBZ (AM)?

> Steve writes:
> > I've often wondered why they keep him on the air
> (albeit Saturday
> > night is
> > hardy a prime shift)...he always sounds so
> bumbling and
> > ill-prepared.  Sounds like an EOE employee to me.

Bill responds:
> Whoa Nellie! EOE?  Lovell has been a mainstay of WBZ
> and Saturday night talk
> for a ton of years.  Although he may be on the
> back-nine, I think credit is
> due to both Lovell for hanging in there and to WBZ
> for not flipping more
> idiot switches.

I think Lovell is a bad host and has been for years. 
But I think it is offensive to suggest that he is only
on the air because of his race.  There are lots of
other people who have been on the air for years who's
ability I question, but I don't think it is fair to
assume that they are on the air because of their race.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

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