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Boston Radio Archives

<<On Mon, 25 Nov 2002 21:34:45 EST, Agenzal@cs.com said:

> Hi.  I'm a subscriber to the mailing list, and would like to know how to send 
> messages to the message board.  I receive these messages daily in my email, 
> but how do I send one myself?

First, you need to fix your e-mail client so that it sends e-mail and
not Web pages.  HTML is not permitted in the mailing-list.

Once you've done that, simply send your contribution to the address of
the list.

> notice that with all the HDTV stations going on the air in New England, the 
> only New England state with no on air HDTV stations is Rhode Island? Maybe 

You can find a great deal of information about the DTV transition by
trawling through the FCC's public records.  In particular, since 9/11,
the FCC has required that almost all applications be made in
electronic form -- and these applications (including in many cases
lengthy technical narratives) are available on-line through the FCC's
Consolidated Database System (CDBS).

Here's what I learned in about fifteen minutes of research about DTV
in Rhode Island:

- WJAR and WLNE are still involved in negotations over diplexing
WJAR-DT and WLNE-DT through a single antenna on the channel 10 tower
in Rehoboth.

- WPRI changed their plans multiple times and hasn't completed
necessary tower modifications to install the WPRI-DT antenna and

- WSBE was only granted a construction permit in January and doesn't
have to be on the air before next March.

- WNAC has not yet been granted a construction permit.

- WPXQ are currently tying up their DTV in regulatory moves intended
to avoid building DTV at all, and instead construct an analog facility
on their DTV channel, 17; if approved by the FCC, they could then sell
early clearance of the channel 69 spectrum to whichever wireless
operator won the FCC auction to be the next user.