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How much for 30 mins on WBZ (AM)?

    Would anyone venture a guess as to how much the thieving quack medicine
clowns pay for their 30 minutes every Sunday night at 9:30 p.m. on WBZ
(AM)? Whatever pittance it is, the answer equals how little has to be
offered to the bean counters to get them to (1.) insult the audience the
station allegedly wants the other 167.5 hours of the week; and (2.) sell
out everything the station claims during those other 167.5 hours per week
to have represented since 1921.

   The least the station could do is insert the disclaimer that it's a paid
program several times during the show. There's an announcement at the
beginning (except when they fail to run it), but, IIRC, I don't think
there's even one at the end. There ought to be ones in the middle, too.

   If they had any meaningful advertising standards, they wouldn't accept
the program at all.