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Re: All Santa All the Time

Bill O'Neill noted:
>Sounds like WEZF (92.9 Burlington, Vt., 100 
>kW, "Star 92 pt. 9") is taking the Christmas music 
>the distance this year.  Liners running this 
>weekend leaning that way.  Can't be easy keeping 
>the talent on the edge of the seat (if not 
>listeners) for 4 weeks.  At least they'll be 
>tossing in a couple of bluesy numbers from non-
>standard artists (Bonnie Raitt, Charles Brown, 
>etc.)just to make it pallatable.

Oldies 103 point 3 has "Step[ped] Into Christmas" with both boots.  Thanksgiving day, they were running a Christmas Music special until midnight.  Lots of less-well-known holiday ditties like "One Christmas Tree" by Stevie Wonder.  They're rotating Christmas music fairly frequently already (2 or more per hour?) and they're running Holiday Promos with servicemen overseas (Kuwait, Korea, etc) wishing Happy Holidays to their parents, siblings, etc.  Haven't heard a guy wishing his wife Merry Christmas, yet.  

Someone called in yesterday to request "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" and Mighty Mike Osborne kidded him and asked if really didn't want "Dominick The Donkey", instead.

STRANGE:  One caller wished Mighty Mike a Happy Thanksgiving.  A left-over call?