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Re: Fwd: RE: WBPS cranks up the volume

Laurence: The way in which you snipped my message in your quote makes it appear 
that I posted exactly the opposite of what I posted. The incorrect assertion 
about WOTW not having any nighttime authority was in the message to which I 

The 900 station that rebroadcasts CJAD is in Sherbrooke PQ. I think the calls 
are CKTS. It's 10-kW-U DA-2 (I think) and at night is directionalized with a 
very strong narrow lobe to the south--aimed right at Nashua. If WOTW were 
running, say, 5 kW at night and was strongly directionalized toward you, and 
you compared the difference between the interference received by WCAP and WOTW 
at similar distances from their transmitters, WOTW would typically get more 
interference than WCAP.

With that kind of interference, 60W shouldn't cover very much of Nashua.

It could be that, prior to the change in ownership, WOTW didn't bother with 
legal niceties and the new application allows the station to operate legally at 
night. I believe that the FCC has recently changed the rules covering nighttime 
operation of Class D AMs. Until this change, if a Class D station wanted to 
operate unlimited time, it had to give up its post-sunset authority, which, 
compared with the power it would be granted for all-night operation, permitted 
greater power during the two hours immediately after sunset (and within those 
two hours, more power during the first hour than the second).

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> It seems strange that an application of this type should 
> be going forward now.  WMVU/WOTW has been operating
> pre-sunrise and post-sunset (until usually 9:00 or 10:00 pm)
> for years.