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RE: WBPS cranks up the volume

Wrong. The following record is from the AM database.


  900  kHz     Construction Permit
  Domestic Station Class:  D   Region 2 Station Class (corresponds to W. 
Hemisphere):  B
  Coordination Status: Canada:  -     Mexico:  -      Region 2:  -
  File No:     BP-20021030ABY    Facility ID No.: 41256
  CDBS Application ID No.:  613864

  42  45' 34.00" N Latitude           Power:    0.06  kilowatts (kW) Nighttime 
  71  28' 37.00" W Longitude (NAD 27)
    RMS Standard:        0.00 mV/m at 1 kilometer
    RMS Theoretical:   287.80 mV/m at 1 kilometer

  1 tower                                    CDBS Ant. System ID: 77359

I removed the the remainder of the data because the database format is too wide 
for this e-mail and the line wrap just makes the display hopelessly confusing. 
But the record for WOTW's night CP there, and as you can see, the power listed 
is 60W. The CDBS application number is your entry into the CDBS system. Go to 
the CDBS public access page, select application data, enter the application 
number, select search, and when the search results come up, click on 
application. If the application shows 6W, it's undubtedly correct and the 
database is wrong. Go to the end of the application and you will find links to 
attachments. Clicking on the links opens Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you must 
have to view attachments to applications.

eFax 707-215-6367

> The FCC's database shows no nightime power authority
> for 900 in Nashua.