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Re: AT&T/Comcast rates

biggest fib of all is Comcast has nothing to do with this rate hike....(according 
to quotes in Globe)

Comcast in Philly pulled this stunt and it should happen here soon as well...if 
you have a movie package you must get a digital box......

company 26B in the hole  only one way to get it back....
> --- Dave Faneuf <tklaundry@juno.com> wrote:
> > I just heard on WCAP that AT&T is hiking cable TV
> > rates in January by
> > over 7% again.  Yep, bigger companies lower consumer
> > costs...
> They always do it at that time of year--and try to
> make us feel better by adding a channel or two. ("New!
> The Golf Channel!"... "Now Sci Fi Channel is
> on our Basic tier!") 
> From what I've heard the company will be known as
> Comcast (not AT&T/Comcast) by the way. I think Jan.
> is when we'll start seeing the new name on bills.
> Let's see, in the space of a few years I've had the
> same cable company but it's been known as:
> Continental Cablevision, Media One, AT&T Broadband...
> and now Comcast.
> (Had slight exposure to Comcast while staying in
> Philly earlier this year. OK, I guess...Still waiting
> for the day when we can go a la carte on cable TV.
> You want the ESPN channels, Comedy Central, A & E,
> and TV Land but NOT Lifetime, Discovery, or the
> shopping channels? You got it. Wouldn't it be nice if
> we could just get only the channels we want--and pay
> less. I'd rather pay slightly less to get the 30
> channels I would want than pay more and also get 20
> others I don't want/need...)
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