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Re: Music Observations

 Roger Kirk wrote:

> Listening to Star 93.7, this weekend:
> "Murder On The Dance Floor" is a little strong on content for my money.

> The focus (in the last 2 days) has been VERY heavy on the Jody Watley,
> Janet Jackson, Prince, Vanity 6 sound - much lighter on the 70's.

   Maybe another format tweaking? With Oldies 103.3 adding more 70's disco
tunes to compliment their "Star 103.3" jingle package, it makes sense to
ease out the 70's titles. IIRC, a new PD just took over at Star 93.7
recently, maybe he's doing some tweaking with the format and music.

   Every Saturday night, Star 93.7 broadcasts their "Saturday Night Dance
Party" live from The Rack, a nightclub located next to Faneuil Hall in
Boston. Longtime Boston market vet Vinnie Perruzzi is the host and he
features 70's and 80's disco/dance tunes, occasionally a 90's or recent
dance cut appears, but he does play a fair share of "club" hits, which are
songs that did well in dance clubs but not big chart or radio hits. I don't
expect that Star's new PD will make any changes to Vinnie's show, IMHO. The
70's disco tunes will remain on this show even if they disappear from
regular format rotation.

Mark Watson