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Re: FCC rejects EchoStar/DirecTV merger 4-0

At 12:16 AM 10/11/2002, Matthew Osborne wrote:
>I find Michael Powell's comment in this article
>interesting.  Here he states that this potential
>merger goes against competition and would create a
>regulated monopoly instead.  And therefore, the merger
>plan was refused.  But yet, over on the radio side of
>things, he seems to carry a totally different attitude
>and approach, supporting mega-corporate takeovers and
>mergers, and encouraging similar deals such as this to
>occur.  Case in point, the upcoming hearings on the
>removal of ownership caps on radio stations; and the
>way his comission is selectively choosing only people
>that share his views to speak at those hearings.
>                              Matt Osborne
>                              Poughkeepsie, NY

I got two words for you: campaign contributions.

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