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WOTW local morning show gone after 3 weeks ??

I tuned in to WOTW 900 AM Nashua this morning at 8:00 to see how the new
morning show was doing, but only heard the network morning show (USA Radio

The two gentlemen who started just three or four weeks ago hinted that
their last stint was in the Lebanon PA area, but had worked at show
capacity on the north shore and at WRKO. I think Peter was one of the
The first two shows I listened to were, well, unlistenable. That is why it
has taken me almost a month to tune back in. Maybe they got the boot???
Or maybe they were on  assignment ??

The Nashua Telegraph had a feature on them the beginning of September, but
you need to be an on-line subscriber to retrieve articles.

East Derry NH

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