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Re: The debates ...

On Tue, 01 Oct 2002 00:56:52 -0400 radiotony@aol.com writes:
> Tonight at 11 p.m., Channel 7 had both Romney and O'Brien stating 
> that the other candidates should be in the debates. O'Brien added 
> that many more debates should be set up. This was very interesting 
> and a good strategy on their parts. 

Yesterday O'Brien said she supports allowing the other candidates in the
final debate, but not the one scheduled for tonight.

> Strangely, Joe Scaicca, political director for the Boston Herald 
> thinks Howell should be in the debate but won't allow her in the 
> third debate, sponsored by the Herald/Channel 7!

Unless Scaicca is a real hypocrite I would guess that it isn't his call.

> As an aside, I ran as an independent in that race and I was kept out 
> of all the television debates - as were the lone Republican and 
> Socialist candidates. I spoke to all the television stations, 
> pleading for inclusion, but they refused and later, refused to 
> sponsor or air any four way debates between all of the final 
> election candidates. So, I am a tad partial to including all the 
> candidates who make the ballot.

Another very good example of a mainstream candidate suddenly becoming
"fringe" is NH Senator Bob Smith.  As you may recall he left the GOP
briefly in order to run for President and when he dropped the R behind
his name his coverage went to zero outside of NH.