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Re: WROR stereo problem

Eli Polonsky wrote

> I noticed today and yesterday that one out of every few songs or so
> played on WROR is coming up with only one stereo channel of the music
> being broadcast through both channels of the signal. (In other words,
> only to L+R, or R only to L+R).  It sounds like a pot on one fader is
> selected to either right or left channel only, instead of to stereo.
>noticed this happen before on WROR a number of times over the past
> couple of years, sometimes for days on end before it's corrected.

It just their way of expanding their playlist beyond the "same old 100
songs"  Today, you'll get the left channel version at 11:27, tomorrow
the right channel at 11:27.  Maybe, just maybe, we'll play BOTH channels
on Tuesday at 11:27!!

Sorry, my tongue just got STUCK in my cheek!

Roger Kirk