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Re: WROR stereo problem

Eli Polonsky wrote:
>I noticed today and yesterday that one out of every few songs or so
>played on WROR is coming up with only one stereo channel of the music
>being broadcast through both channels of the signal.
>It sounds like a pot on one fader is selected to either right or left
>channel only, instead of to stereo. I've noticed this happen before on
>WROR a number of times over the past couple of years, sometimes for days
>on end before it's corrected.

Aren't they using Audiovault?  Every installation I've seen uses multiple 
(usually 3) separate soundcard outputs that have to be mixed either on the 
board or thru some sort of external switcher.  Looks like one of those is 

Easy enough to miss...I'm sure the jocks have heard these tunes so long 
that they're not exactly paying rapt attention so as to notice whether 
there was stereo separation or not (though some songs might sound like an 
alternate mix).