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Re: WLLZ Monroe-Detroit

So does PopComm say what TV/FM stations are the tower's principal occupants?
The tower is 41.2 miles north of WLLZ's day site, which is just south(west)
of the COL, Monroe MI. WLLZ's night site is well north of downtown Detroit,
which I guess is pretty much a wasteland these days--especially at night. I
figure that WLLZ is probably listenable over a radius of 3 to 5 miles at
night, which must cover a lot of the population of metro Detroit, and surely
a lot of the population with the most desirable demographics. As I
understand it, the town of Southfield, north of Detroit, has become the
center of business and commerce in the Detroit metro and the tower is not
far from Southfield.

I'll bet that 41.2 miles is the record for distance between the day and
night sites of any US Class D AM. (The total number of two-site Class Ds is
very small.) The 41.2-mile distance isn't a record for all US AMs, but I
don't think it's far from the record. WWJZ 640 licensed to Mt Holly NJ, an
ABC O&O and the Radio Disney affiliate for Philadelphia, has applied to move
its day site from New Jersey almost to Berks County PA, which is well north
of Philadelphia and almost 50 miles from Mt Holly. (Reading is the largest
city in Berks.) I suspect that at some point ABC will file to change WWJZ's
COL and move the night operation to the proposed day site, where ABC is
proposing a nine-tower array. However, a COL change can't be done at the
moment because the FCC considers such changees to be major. Applications for
major changes can be filed only when the FCC opens a filing "window." The
last time such a window was opened was about two years ago, and the one
before that was well over two years earlier.

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> There is a brief mention of this tower in the new Popular Communications
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