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RE: You Probably Know This Already, But...

> The New york Radio Message Board, linking to abc.com, mentions that on
> tonight's (05/24) 20/20, there will be a report on why radio stations
> play the same selections over and over.  This will probably
> mirror Eric Boehlert's reporting on salon.com...I wonder if
> he'll be interviewed.
> Laurence Glavin

There must be some future file action because NPR ran a piece this morning
about how smallish record producers and cos. are challenging deregulation
and its impact upon local airplay.  Vertical ownership (CC and its concert
promotions arm) was cited as a potential cause for many venues charging
35% more than the consumer price index increase across the same
time-frame.  Also discussed third party involvement with stations in
behavior that may resemble payola of the 60s.  Not sure if the rant will
bear fruit.  Doubt it.

Relatedly, talk of the concern over Comcast/ATT merger and its impact.
The current administration (as with the previous one) wants to leapfrog
high speed connections and the big guns are pushing megamerging as the
vehicle with which to make that happen.

Bill O'Neill