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RE: WBPS 890 Dropping CNET Radio

Keith Fornal writes:

>"UPDATE: Yesterday, ALL ACCESS picked up word that the plug would soon
>be pulled on CNET RADIO. Turns out only WBPS-A/BOSTON is going to go
>away, at the end of JUNE. The TECH RADIO NETWORK is still going to air
>on KNEW-A/SAN FRANCISCO, XM SATELLITE RADIO, and as well as through
>broadband. Other affiliates are being sought."

I just wonder how many listners 890 got with the CNET format. Probably not

I'll have to say while I do spend several hours a week listening to CNET,
especially David Coursey's show and also David Lawrence's On-Line Tonight, I
listen to CNET via XM rather than 890. This is because of the much better
audio quality on XM, compared to what 890 puts out over the air.

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)