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Puerto Rico is market 13, and AMFM used to own stations there, but I believe
they were sold off before the merger with Clear Channel, so CC owns no
properties in that market.  Up until recently, they did not own any stations in
Seattle either, until the company acquired Ackerley a few months back, which
operates a handful of stations there.  I don't think that deal has closed yet,
so technically CC may not have a presence in Seattle, at least for the moment.
And as Rob mentioned, KC is also CC-free.

Mike Thomas

Dan Billings wrote:

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> > That is incorrect sir.  Clear Channel also owns no
> > broadcast outlets in Buffalo, NY (Market #45 last time
> > I checked)
> I stand corrected.  I read that somewhere, but it is wrong.  Clear Channel's
> website says they have stations in 47 of the top 50 markets so there are a
> couple of other larger markets where they are absent.  Buffalo, by the way,
> is now Market #50, according to R&R.
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine