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WVCA FM Gloucester

In keeping with my recent inquiries into the history of North Shore radio,
my net surfing brought me to Peter George's RadioDXer site and a wonderful
RealAudio clip of an aircheck from Simon Geller's final months as
owner/operator of the old WVCA-FM, Gloucester (800 FM watts broadcasting in
Mono), prior to its sale to Tanger and the inception of its current
incarnation as WBOQ. In the aircheck, Geller discusses the impending sale of
WVCA and how he needed listener contributions to keep the station going
until the license transfer that July. Does anyone know how much the station
was sold for? Also, what did Geller between the time of the WVCA sale and
his death in 1995? For anyone who is interested (and doesn't already know
about it) there is a great little WVCA retrospective site at www.wvca.com
complete with pictures from WVCA's early years as a local Top 40 station
broadcasting from studios at the Douglas-Jordan building in downtown
Gloucester. There is also a great little aircheck from a show called the
"Teen Scene" hosted by a young Tom Todisco, who would become a producer and
director for Red Sox broadcasts.