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Re: WODS jingles, songs-in-a-row

Dave Faneuf wrote:

>I often wondered why RKO-General used the WRKO calls in Boston and not in
>some larger market such as the major networks did  WABC/KABC, WCBS/KCBS,
>WNBC etc....

In New York they had WOR A/F which had a long heritage (the FM didn't 
become WXLO until sometime in the 70s), likewise in LA the calls were to be 
KHJ...period.  I read somewhere that when they went T-40 in 1965 Bill Drake 
& PD Ron Jacobs had essentially carte blanche, except that they could not 
change the calls.  Surprising, since those calls (KHJ) were kind of like 
the WBOS calls in this market...a perennial also-ran.  Maybe they had an 
affection for 3 letter calls.  Come to think of it, except for WNAC/WRKO, I 
don't think GT&R changed any calls when they switched their stations to 
Drake's T-40.