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Re: WBZ-FM "Rockin' Stereo 106.7"

Donna, when you were at 'RKO...what was the thinking in the building when BZ
FM started playing the top 30 for teenagers?  Anyone notice?

Also, what was the thinking within RKO when 'VBF showed up on thescene and
started making noice...?



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> At 06:55 AM 1/10/2002 -0800, you wrote:
> >      WBZ-FM was the VERY, VERY POOR stepchild of WBZ
> >Radio and Television.  They figured that by having
> >WBZ-FM on the air (barely), it would keep at least one
> >FM frequency to be non-competitive with WBZ-AM.  They
> >were the last major FM in town to embrace Stereo on
> >12/31/71 at 4:00 pm.  The automation they used was
> >affectionately named "BoZo".  Look at the letters and
> >you'll see why.
> I always liked the silly station-- listened to it a lot in 1979.  Yep, it
> played a lot of the same songs-- but they were often songs other stations
> didn't play. I also recall Kiss 108's Ed McMahon was PD, except he used
> name JIM McMahon back then...

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