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Re: Talk Radio

I was 16 when i got my start but had not yet gotten my
license.  I had to take the school bus 15 miles north
to the station, do my show, and then get a ride back
form the PD after signoff.  The good news was that we
moved to an office downtown not long after.

> > That reminds me of the great sign off used by
> Mitchell years ago on
> WIGY: "OK, Mom.  You can come and get me."
> Of course, when I started in radio, I couldn't drive
> and my parents had to
> pick me up.
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

Cooper Fox
   WWBX- (All new, all hit, B97.1)
   WVOM- (The Voice of Maine)
   KISS 94.5

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