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RE: WSM may dump country for sports

Bob Nelson:
An article in today's Globe mentions that legendary
Nashville country station WSM (650), of "Grand Ole
Opry" fame, may dump the format for sports. Many
protests have been registered with the station; some
say the longtime "Grand Ole Opry" broadcasts might
wind up airing as a syndicated show.

Wow.  I type these words listening to 650 WSM from my hotel in
Clarksville, TN.  I've been forgoing all of the predictability of the
FMers for one of the best packaged radio stations that I have EVER
heard in WSM.  Sunday afternoon LIVE talent that has morning drive
quality all over the place.  Listening to country singles that WSM
played FIRST.  Just this afternoon, I was thinking of how refreshing,
20 years after I got the "bug" to discover a station that blows me
this cynical radio guy away.  I hope they come to their senses, but
then again, can you have too many bird-fed heritage signals?  I'll
listen while I can.

Bill O'Neill
Clarksville, TN