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RE: WODS jingles, songs-in-a-row

On 5 Jan 2002 at 11:41, Dib9@aol.com wrote:

> Chuck's post brings to mind something that a lot of radio people and radio
> hobbyists miss -- the average listener doesn't notice the slight
> differences in formats that we put so much emphasis on.  The average radio
> listener likely sees both WODS and WROR as oldies stations, despite the
> differences in their play lists.  They may prefer one station over the
> other due to the music they play, but I doubt they recognize the subtle
> differences in the format.  

Back in the 1980s, when WODS and WMEX 1150 were the competing oldies 
stations, I used to switch from one to the other every so often.  I don't 
know what went on with format shifts, but every so often it seemed to me 
that whichever station I was listening to had shifted, ever so slightly, 
to later music, more 60s, less 50s, and more of an emphasis towards 
noisier rock pieces.  Whenever that happened, I would switch to the other 
station for awhile, and I'd be satisfied -- until it happened again.

I didn't know in those days about playlists, etc., and probably playlists 
weren't as rigid then anyway as they are now.  But it could be that I was 
also reacting to the sameness of a playlist and liked the change to a 
different station's selection.

In recent years, I've generally enjoyed listening to WDRC-FM when I've 
visited Western Massachusetts and WWBB when I've headed south.  My first 
reaction was that they played a better selection, but it could be that 
they simply were playing a different selection than the one I had grown 
tired of.

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