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Quack medicine hour on WBZ (AM)

<extreme rant mode on extreme high setting>

    I don't know why I had been complaining that every
Sunday night at 9:30 p.m. for months now WBZ (AM) has
been running a paid 30-minute infomercial from some
quack-medicine-magnets-for-health charlatans. I have
no idea why I had the idiotic idea that I'd rather get
30 more minutes of my favorite show "Looking at the
Law" like I used to. I really have no idea why I was
especially disgusted on Dec. 2 when they failed to
play the "following is a paid program" announcement
before it started. Which is especially handy to hear
because it uses some program name and format that
tries to sound like a legitimate 30-minute health
magazine show.

    (I believe that was the same Sunday when there was
60 full seconds of dead air after the end of the
truncated law show, before the network news update
came on at 31 past the hour and no local newsbreak was
provided. But I digress . . . )

     My complaining seems misplaced now that this fine
program has informed me, last evening, that I should
buy whatever crap they're selling because biblical
evidence indicates that way long ago before humans
became one of the few higher species that don't
manufacture their own vitamin C, said humans used to
live 800 to 900 years.

     I still wonder, have they told the Looking at the
Law phone screener to hang up on anyone who calls up
trying to find out how to file a complaint against the
quack medicine charlatans? Do you think WBZ will
report the story if the state attorney general goes
after said charlatans?

     This is the same station that a few years ago,
1999 maybe, refused to sell any ad time to local
political candidates. One of the excuses in the
company flak's quote was something about the messages
not being of interest to most of the audience, or some
such. When, of course, it was all about money.

     Actually, I'm surprised that WRKO hasn't yet
grabbed the account. It fits the format there much
better. They'd really be able to hit that target
audience -- put it on right before the idiotic
overnight flying-saucer show. 

     I heard that Mel's been taking that quack
medicine that'll make you live to be 150. The good
news is, it doesn't work.

     Quack. Quack.

<end extreme rant>



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