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RE: "Feep"

Cousellor Ross wrote:

>I remember seeing the cartoons, and I remember most of the Roger Ramjet
>theme song.  But I can't remember anything else about them.  And I don't
>think I saw them on Major Mudd.  I think I saw them on some other program
>on Channel 7.

Of course, I could be wrong about the Roger Ramjet series airing on Major
Mudd, but that's where I seem to remember watching it. Given the Major Mudd
program's aerospace theme, it would be natural to air Roger Ramjet on the

Rather than explain it myself here are links to some Roger Ramjet Fan sites.
Where you can also here the theme song. The 'Ramjet' cartoon, was of course
a Cold War era saitre type of thing, [Noodles Romanoff being the bad guy].
Kind of like Rocky and Bullwinkle, although not nearly as good. By the way,
as the one of the web sites mentions, Gary Owens, who some people might
remember as the announcer on Rowan and Maritn's Laugh-In show, was the voice
of Roger Ramjet.



73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)