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RE: "Feep"

> As a summer replacement at WNAC-TV Channel 7 Boston,
> I worked the Major Mudd show many times - but my seniority
> was low, so I never got to push the Cart Play button.
> Roger Kirk

Back to the early 80s, maybe late 70s there was a behind-the-scenes
thing on The Price Is Right show.  The camera caught the sfx guy, when
it was time for that multiple chime ringing, I was amazed to see that
there was this guy sitting there rapidly pressing a big button on the
table to trigger the bell!  Every push was as ding...  I've been told
that the NBC chimes (G-E-C) were, way-back, gonged manually, as well.
I guess Gates and others changed all that.  (And reduced wrist
repetitive motion trauma claims at the same time...)

Bill O'Neill