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Re: Celtics ratings

Adam writes:
> I understand that the Celtics ratings are very low. I watch every single
> game, and games like today's would stir up some interest, wouldn't they?
> isn't there more intrest in the Celtics? They are doing very good. No
> ready to jump on the bandwagon yet, I guess.

Two things:
1.) The team has been in the tank for the better part of the past decade.
1990-91, when they started 12-1, was the last season they were truly
2.) The fact that all of the Celtics' games are on cable and their radio
broadcasts are on a station that has a crummy nighttime signal in parts of
the market and has been oblivious to most Boston listeners for nearly 25
years isn't exactly helpful, either.

The Gastons must realize they are in this for the long haul, thus the deal
with 1510 for radio broadcasts. It'll be at least four or five years before
the Celtics regain anything remotely close to their peak popularity, and
that's taking continued improvement for granted. The Pitino era (in terms of
results and player personnel decisions) likely set the franchise back
another five or seven years.