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Re: Application for Modification of 93.3 in Andover, MA

On 26 Nov 2001 at 14:24, Brian Anastasi wrote:

> There's 4,000 watt WTCC-FM at Springfield Technical Community College on
> adjacent channel 90.7, and 1,000 watt WMUA at UMass here in Amherst on
> adjacent channel 91.1.

Is there another station somewhere around 91.1 closer to Worcester?  The reason I ask is that 
last week, as I was driving out to Amherst, I was somewhere just past Worcester when I tried to 
see if I could get WMUA yet to listen to the UMass football game.  It was well past the scheduled 
start of the game, and there was a fairly strong signal with someone playing music.  I didn't get 
an ID, just turned the radio elsewhere for awhile.  When I got past Sturbridge, I tried again and 
heard the game on WMUA, with a weak signal which gradually grew stronger as I got closer.

I would guess that whatever station I heard just past Worcester had to be on 91.1, since my car 
radio has pretty good selectivity.  If it were on an adjacent channel, it wouldn't have been that 
strong or clear.

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