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Re: digital tv

On Sun, 18 Nov 2001, Garrett Wollman wrote:
> England, given the relative paucity of DTV programming in those
> locations.  The Tweeter I usually stop by is the one on Route 9 in

I thought DTV transmitters simulcast their analog counterparts?  Why don't
they leave them on 24/7?  

The only HDTV sets I've seen here in NYC are hooked up to VCRs, video disk
players or cable/sattelite feeds -- just like their "normal" counterparts.
Some, like the ones at Radio Shack run a continous video loop extolling
the virtues of those pizza-dish sattelite receivers

I guess by tuning all the TV sets to channel 3 and hooking them to a video
source other than an antenna, the store managers discourage shoppers from
"twisting the dial" (forgive my antiquated expression) and changing the
station in the store.

You'd think that stores would demonstrate TV sets
the same way they let you try out a radio to see how well it receives
terrestial signals. 

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