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RE: digital tv

When I went to the Bangor Mall this summer (when I was up there on summer
vacation), I went in some of the stores there. The only DTV station on the
air in Maine is WCBB, according to the FCC..

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They ahve a few at Sears in the bangor mall...  all
hooked up and using a demo...  Is channel 5(WABI) even
running i t dig signal yet?

--- Patriotsrule417@prodigy.net wrote:
> I was in the Best Buy at the Holyoke mall in Holyoke
> today, and I saw just
> regular TVs. I didn't see a single digital TV. I go
> there to fool around
> with the radios and stuff, and my friends go in to
> look at the CDs.. lol~!
> I was in Circuit City yesterday in Holyoke, there
> weren't any DTVs hooked up
> there either
> ~adam
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> > a single Tweeter, Circuit City, or Best Buy has
> more than that many,
> > and they wouldn't be stocking the things if they
> didn't have some
> > expectation of realizing a profit.
> Of the several Circuit City's I've been in--none  of
> the digital TV's were
> hooked up to,
> or able to recieve, an off the air signal.
> Anyone know of an outlet that demos an off the air
> signal on digital?
> Thanks,
> Mark Casey
> >

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