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RE: digital tv

I was in the Best Buy at the Holyoke mall in Holyoke today, and I saw just
regular TVs. I didn't see a single digital TV. I go there to fool around
with the radios and stuff, and my friends go in to look at the CDs.. lol~!
I was in Circuit City yesterday in Holyoke, there weren't any DTVs hooked up
there either


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> a single Tweeter, Circuit City, or Best Buy has more than that many,
> and they wouldn't be stocking the things if they didn't have some
> expectation of realizing a profit.

Of the several Circuit City's I've been in--none  of the digital TV's were
hooked up to,
or able to recieve, an off the air signal.
Anyone know of an outlet that demos an off the air signal on digital?

Mark Casey