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As far as I know those decoder boxes will be available
very soon.  That has been a fear for those of us in
the lower income brackets... 

 I imagine (hope)
> there will be some
> type of converter available to allow DTV signals to
> be viewed on an NTSC
> set, sort of like the FM converters of the 70s that
> rebroadcast the FM
> on an AM car radio. I'm not in any hurry to convert,
> but seeing the WABI
> DT tower and antenna now standing in Dixmont, ME,
> its hard to ignore
> that DTV will be here very soon with its multiple
> channels and crisp
> picture and sound. I wonder how the coverage maps
> will differ for most
> stations? For example, WMTW TV Channel 8 will no
> longer broadcast from
> the top of Mt Washington reaching several states and
> Canada. It will
> broadcast from a new stick in Raymond, ME with a
> considerably shrunken
> coverage area. I guess you gain some and lose some.
> Any thoughts or
> comments from engineering types on this list?

Cooper Fox
   WWBX- (All new, all hit, B97.1)

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