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On Mon, 12 Nov 2001, Cooper Fox wrote:

> By IBOC you do mean the raido with the LCD display
> that gives info about thew weather, the station, and 
> info about the music/prgamming?  I remember seeing
> those on that Aussie show "Beyond 2000".

Some FM radios-- primarily the European ones -- can do that also. They're
equipped with RDS -- a test service that's transmitted on an FM station's
subcarrier. The more advanced ones can tune your radio to the strongest
signal available for the network you want to hear. Eg. you want to drive
from NYC to Boston to Bangor, and you want to listen to NPR but you don't
know what the local transmitters are, you can just ask the radio to tune
NPR (and it take care of looking for the strongest local NPR signal).

It's big in Europe, especially on car radios.

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