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Re: Coverage of Dallas truck chase

I saw it as well.

These type of chases pop up occasionally; they seem
to occur most often in places like California.
Remember a few years ago when there was
a split screen: basketball playoffs on part of the
screen and O.J. Simpson's Bronco on the other?

In this case, the perpetrator is alleged to have
stolen the tractor-trailer, loaded with lumber, and he
drove it all over the Dallas area. At one point,
a forklift on the back of the trailer caught fire.
The thief came close to hitting cars and people.

I was going back and forth between CNN and Fox News
Channel; at one point it was said that they may have
to turn their helicoper away as they were near an
airport. Because of the 9/11 incident, airspace
around these facilities is restricted, but supposedly
this was considered a "public safety" measure (i.e.,
the TV station was helping the public by showing
a maniac was on the loose in a stolen truck).

As I understand it, the only injury was to a child
aboard a schoolbus (pieces of lumber flew off
trailer), and the suspect is in jail awaiting
arraignment. He was truly endangering a great number
of people.

And now that I think of it, recently there was a
similar case around here as an employee of a trucking
firm in Wakefield suddenly went bezerk and led people
on a long chase which ended on Rt. 128 in Peabody.

--- Patriotsrule417@prodigy.net wrote:
> Coverage of a truck chase in Dallas was covered by
> FOX News Channel and CNN
> getting coverage from FOX4 KDFW

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