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RE: radio in '22

I always forget all-news (CBS affiliate) KQV, 5KW (DA2, 3 towers by day, 5
by night) on 1410AM, here in Pittsburgh.

Sticking to the subject, I do believe that WKBO (now on 1230 in Harrisburg)
was also started in 1922, though it is now owned by Clear Channel as well.
It has had a varied history in the past 20 years, slowly dwindling from a
full-service talk station (an NBC radio affiliate, if I remember correctly)
to "1230 Gold", an oldies format, eventually becoming a CNN Headline News
affiliate (while owned by Dame Media). After the Headline News format (with
local news breaks on :15 and :45) I started to lose track. I do know that
this past December, it was running Christmas music 24/7 - how's that for
serving the public... But it has held onto it's original call letters all
this time (to my knowledge).

-Peter Murray (N3IXY)
Pittsburgh, PA

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On Wed, 7 Nov 2001, Cooper Fox wrote:

> Isn't there KDKA?  The only station east if the
> mississippi that has  K*** callsign instead of a
> w***....

Don't forget KYW 1060 in Philly! :)

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