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Re: Tech question (Was Re: WBZ stereo?)

On Tue, 6 Nov 2001 14:15:35 -0500 "Hakim Madjid" <HMadjid@mindspring.com>
> Dave,
> From time to time when I have tuned in to All Things Considered, 
> from time
> to time WBUR was in stereo mode. Perhaps inadvertently the Stereo 
> Generator
> has been left on?
> Why would 'Only A Game' be in stereo?
> Would there be any NPR or other network programs that the station 
> would be
> contractually obligated to broadcast in stereo? I'm just asking out 
> of
> curiosity.

Only a Game is in stereo because the producers use stereo effects and
music in the production of the show and since it's produced at WBUR they
have us broadcast it in stereo.  I don't know why ATC would be in stereo
unless someone was working on the remote control for the Law building.  
The stereo generator control is on the remote control panel for the
backup transmitter at the BU Law building.  I don't know about any
contractual obligations