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Successful morning show?

I ran across the following on Boston Radio Watch and it begs the question, What are they watching? Austin of Boston had ratings consistently around 5.0 in the morning and the last book prior to Morgan taking over in September of 98 the morning show with John Potter was 5.4. They are now hovering about 3 in the morning with Paul Perry in the 25-54 demo. (One of my former partner's emailed me that it was 2.6 but I didn't think it got that low) So, I guess my questions to BRW is what are you watching and how do you define successful?

"WODS's PD John Morgan will exit. Morgan was PD at Oldies 103.3 for the past three years(BRW 7/25/98). He brought up successful* morning jock Paul Perry from their former station(B101) in Providence to be WODS' morning host(BRW 11/28/98)..."

*Bold and Italics mine.

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