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This is cruel and unusual punishment ( was WEEI - must they.......... )

Where where *YOU* when:

1.) The Ball rolled between Buckner's legs?

I was 16, in my bedroom still living with my parents,
watching on a small, old 13" RCA TV with rabbit ears. 
So every few innings, I was having to get up out of
bed to get the rabbit ears to get better reception. 
Unfortunately, I was ( and still am ) the only sports
fan in the house and with my bedroom right above my
parents room, I couldn't make all that much noise
without waking up the whole house.  So I just sat in
my bed with a tear running down my cheek and jaw
hitting the floor wondering why John McNamara didn't
put Dave Stapleton in as a defensive replacement for

2.) When Bucky Dent hit his infamous home run

Again, my parents not being the sports fan that I was
in 1978, I NEVER saw the game.  I remember running up
the driveway from school with my mother being upset
that her General Hospital wasn't being shown and not
caring that it was because it was the Red Sox that was
involved and my father saying, no matter how much I
pleaded with him ( I was only 8 years old ) that if I
thought I was going to sit around and watch a baseball
game, that I had another thing coming.  Needless to
say, there was a quiet, funeral like pall that was
cast the next day in third grade and even at that
young age, even though I didn't see the game, I knew
what had happened.

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