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RE: WEEI - Must they...

> To be fair, as Dan Shaughnessy likes to point out, Buckner did
> not lose the
> World Series.  He and Gedman made errors that ruined an
> opportunity to win it.

Obviously....remember it was only Game 6! The Sox could've (in theory)
redeemed themselves in Game 7 on Sunday the 26th. (Perhaps Friday they
should replay Game 7?)

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH
Lifelong Sufferin' Sox Fan
Lifelong Sufferin' Pats Fan
29+ Years Sufferin' B's Fan (Allison Trade...yeah that'll get us the Cup)
At least I was old enough (12 and 14 years old respectively) to enjoy the 2
Cups in '70 and '72.....and finally beating Les Habitants in the playoffs in
1988 was almost as good as winning a Cup!

15+ Years Sufferin' C's Fan.....it's already 15 years since we hoisted one
to the rafters!