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Re: FCC Anthrax Precaution

> I just read an item in my weekly ARRL email news letter that the FCC for
> time being will not accept forms and filings mailed in an envelope. You
> to either use their on-line filing system or fax to them. For what it's
> worth here is the web link to the official FCC notice:
> http://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/OMD/Public_Notices/2001/da012430.html

I'm passing this reply on from a friend who is not on the list:

That public notice says no such thing; it applies only to documents filed
in person at the FCC, not those sent through ordinary mail or air express
courier.  What the FCC is saying here is that they want to centralize
their process of inspecting and opening envelopes to a particular
environment, obviously their mailroom, and do not want envelopes coming
into the building in any other place.  The FCC functions something like a
court where it is fairly common for filings to be made in person to the
secretary, who functions like a court clerk.  When such filings are made,
all the FCC is saying is that they want the documents already outside of
envelopes so that the staff does not have to open them.  Since nearly all
such in-person filings are made either by the array of communications
attorneys or their local messenger services, this is not much of a
hardship and really is a fairly reasonable and minimal restriction.

-- Mike