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Re: Channel 7 Reporter Garry Armstrong Fired

On 13 Oct 2001 at 8:33, Mark Watson wrote:

>    Yes, Channel 7 was WNAC back in 1978. It became WNEV in the early
>    or mid
> 80's (forget exact date) after David Mugar's New England Television
> took over the license from RKO General. Now it's WHDH under Ed Ansin's
> Sunbeam Television ownership.

It became WHDH-TV under Mugar, when Mugar bought WHDH radio, sometime around 1989 or 
1990 or thereabouts.

At the time, I recalled a cartoon which I drew at the time of the Channel 5 changeover in 1972. I 
thought the WCVB "5"logo looked rather like an archery target.  I drew the "5" logo with an arrow in 
the bulls-eye, with the caption "WHDH-TV shall rise again!"

Well, it did, sort of!

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